Paris Hilton And Hillary Clinton Get Crucified On Tuesday

Hillary Clinton and Paris Hilton, millennial America's twin Joan of Arcs, are presently enjoying their last weekends before they get tied to the stake. Come Tuesday, the L.A. County Jail will swallow Hillary whole and the official release of Carl Bernstein's A Woman in Charge will totally reveal the truth about Paris.… » 6/03/07 11:00am 6/03/07 11:00am

Lower East Sucks! (or, How the MSM and the 'Gosphere Report the Same…

Sunday Styles has a semi-anti-semitic-seeming profile today of one Sion Misrahi, who parlayed the family bargain men's store into Lower East Side real-estate moguldom, thereby transforming the old neighborhood from ethnic enclave to liminal hipster space to liminal yuppie space to crappy modernist condo wasteland.… » 6/03/07 10:15am 6/03/07 10:15am

Agonizingly, Jonathan Lethem 'Parses' an Ian McEwan Stone

Well, you have to hand it to the Crystal Leth, at least he's bringing something better than plot summary to the increasingly torpid Times Book Review. Lethem has the cover review, of Ian McEwan's novel(la) On Chesil Beach, in this week's Summer Reading issue, and he dives into close reading—yes, close reading—with… » 6/02/07 2:00pm 6/02/07 2:00pm

Breaking: Giuliani is Disgusting, Likely Sucking Your Blood

Second time tragedy, third time barf! Rudy Giuliani, on whose watch occurred the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, is, by all accounts, still running for president. Rolling Stone's magical politics man Matt Taibbi has been following the barnyard generalissimo around, and it turns out he's worse than the Bushes… » 6/02/07 1:00pm 6/02/07 1:00pm

Starck Modernism v. Cast-Iron Starkness in the $4 to $6 Million Price…

If it is true, per Carrie Bradshaw and Intern Alexis of De Jure Altarcations, that the Times wedding announcements is "the straight woman's sports pages," then surely the Times Sunday Real Estate section is the sentient man's Mutual Funds Report. Consider, for instance, Suzanne Slesin's "Window Shopping" column today:… » 5/20/07 7:28pm 5/20/07 7:28pm

Buttafuoco and Fisher Ask, "Stunt for What?" on Less Prestigious 'ET'…

Back in 2004, when Queen Bee wannabe Hillary Rodham didn't even know that she didn't know what she knows now, a more sympathetic New Yorker self-published a book called If I Knew Then... And? Turns out that Long Island Ophelia Amy Fisher would have still fallen head over shotgun for that prime rib/subprime mortgage of… » 5/20/07 3:58pm 5/20/07 3:58pm

'Times' to Readers: Try Not To Think About Boorish Hollywood Dads

New York Times Theorist of Celebrity Caryn James needs just 39 words today to authoritatively defeat our vulgarian fascination with the likes of the David Hasselhoff daughter-abuse videotape and the Alec Baldwin daughter-abuse audiotape. "These new leaks simply draw all of us into family battles where we don't… » 5/19/07 6:30pm 5/19/07 6:30pm

Book Review Unveils Startling Equation As Explanation For Urban…

Interested in turning your world from "blasé to rosé"? The New Yorkers by Cathleen Schine, featured in today's Times Book Review, chronicles the lives of some pretty lonely folk—lonely, that is, until they are rescued from anomie by some heroic canines. No simple matter of dog being (wo)man's best friend, apparently… » 5/13/07 2:30pm 5/13/07 2:30pm

Is Iran About To Genocide The Metrosexuals?

Hold on to your pomade, the Islamofascists are coming! The ever-strengthening case for war against Iran became nigh-airtight this morning with the Wall Street Journal's front- page story detailing the Islamic Republic's latest assault on freedom. Religious police, reports Andrew Higgins, are cracking down with… » 5/12/07 11:00am 5/12/07 11:00am

'WSJ' Punctuates Dog Of Its Own

Yesterday, we singled out » 5/06/07 8:15pm 5/06/07 8:15pm Page A27 of the Saturday as the weekend incarnate. That was rash; we had yet to fully consider Page B1 of the Weekend Edition, above. This dog's eyes betray the wonder and sadness of a first-time Quicken user. Also, regardless of whether they can actually question things or actually have…

Jenny 8. Lee Is Spawning Copycats!

Turns out all that time Times reporter Jenny 8. Lee wasted chasing Neveah could have been better spent on name-trends closer to home. In today's NYT Real Estate section, the 'Habitats' feature is about a Williamsburg artist couple living loft-life with a new baby. Yawn all you like, then read the lede: » 5/06/07 6:28pm 5/06/07 6:28pm

?! Quite…

Facing Murdoch Menace, 'Pursuits' Valiantly Soldiers On With Gifts For…

With a courage not witnessed in these parts since the Queen and Winston Churchill and Rudy Giuliani saved London during the Blitz, this weekend's Pursuits section shows the rest of the WSJ how to go on living with editorial integrity even as the barbarians near the gates. Indeed, "happily married...but not to each… » 5/06/07 4:44pm 5/06/07 4:44pm